Sunday: Updates #50

SOTW #57: Boa Noite

** Karol Conka is a Portuguese artist located in Brazil, widely known through her performance at the Rio 2016 Olympics **

Fashion: Boutique Style

Hello there!

I can finally start trying to truly get back into the blogging vibe now that I am home. It is just hard to juggle life sometimes, but I am managing!

Since I am back, I can start playing with my style a bit more. Working at a boutique part-time, I try to ditch my casual teacher clothes for something a little more stylish. Lately, I've been finding large variations in my outfits--the looks being totally different from each other. I guess that comes with my job since I help very different women find a look that works well for them!

Take a look at some of my styles from these past few weeks: