Radio Silence

Hey Everyone,

Dani here, LeShea and I have been silent for a while as you may have noticed. We've been doing a lot of personal growth and soul searching separately from each other (it's sad but we do what we must).

With that being said the blog has taken a bit of a hit, so we decided to officially make a post about the blog being on hiatus.

We've made and are still making decisions that will affect our future career paths and also the blog. Once we have everything figured out we will return with something new, more refined, and a collaboration between LeShea and myself.

We will see each other again soon!

Sunday: Updates #50

SOTW #57: Boa Noite

** Karol Conka is a Portuguese artist located in Brazil, widely known through her performance at the Rio 2016 Olympics **

Fashion: Boutique Style

Hello there!

I can finally start trying to truly get back into the blogging vibe now that I am home. It is just hard to juggle life sometimes, but I am managing!

Since I am back, I can start playing with my style a bit more. Working at a boutique part-time, I try to ditch my casual teacher clothes for something a little more stylish. Lately, I've been finding large variations in my outfits--the looks being totally different from each other. I guess that comes with my job since I help very different women find a look that works well for them!

Take a look at some of my styles from these past few weeks: