Best Friend Tag- Introduction!


How and when did you meet?
 D: I actually don't remember a lot about how we met...I usually have to ask her to remember all the details.
L: I totally remember how we met. She scared the shit--I mean crap--outta me! I thought she was this really cool looking girl, with Squall's necklace from Final Fantasy 8. At the time, that was one of my most favorite games and I was shocked that someone else knew what it was. (Nerd.) But soon after, she finally stopped giving me the evil eye and we started talking. The rest is history...
What is your favorite memory together?

D: There was a point in time where I started writing stories for her and she would write notes in them as she would read them in class, or after class and then we would exchange notebooks to look at them, the main one I remember it the Crow-Duck thing...I don't know what it was but we always laugh at it no matter what. Haha....Crow-Duck thing.   
 L: I'd have to say that one of the best was when we were playing Dance Dance Revolution and dancing to a crazy ass song called Afronova and I was getting 'mad' that she was doing better than me. So I just hopped obnoxiously in a circle and we both fell over laughing.

Describe each other in one word.

D: Crazy
L: Blunt.

What’s your dream job?

D: Working in Japan or for the United States Government... State Department. Yep.
L: Being able to combine my studies, Japanese and Advertising, into a career that would allow me to work in an Ad Firm with direct Japanese clients/contact. 

What’s your favorite makeup brand?

D: I have too many...
L: The ones I really want are too expensive. :(

What is something that annoys you about the other person?

D: Worrying too much about something...I drives me up the wall...
L: Not caring enough about something.

If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

D: Definitely Japan, Purikura and shopping all the way!
L: JAPAN, duh. 

What is your favorite inside joke?

D: The mitten Point...

Who takes longer to get ready?

D: Depends on where we are going...but I'm usually at her house early or on time...she's usually still getting ready.
L: I think me. I won't lie...It is me.

Favorite season?
D: I would say Summer (my birthday season), but Winter actually.

L: Spring and Fall.
Favorite song?

D: Knock out by G-Dragon & TOP
L: OMG I have so many right now! Maybe, Vava Voom by Bassnectar? Talk about pimpin' on yo bike. 

Heels or flats?

D: Depends on where I'm going...but probably heels
L: Depends. I wanna rock heels most of the time, but if there's too much walking involved, I'll reach for the flats. 

Pants or dresses?

D: Where are we going? Pants.
L: OMG. Should I look cute or edgy? Dress!

Favorite animal?

D: Panther! Haha

If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

D: Probably my video games? Haha?
L: OMG MY CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!! (And handbags, and necklaces, and Xbox...)

Comedy, horror, or chick flick?
D: Horror??

Android or Iphone?

D: Android
L: Android. Screw iPhones.
Favorite movie?

D: The First Wives Club (Don't ask)
L: Barney and the Magic Egg?
what is something weird that you eat?

D: I don't think any of the food that I eat is weird...Salmon Roe??
L: Hummus? Dried fruits....

Do you guys have anything matching?
D: Not that I know of...

L: Best friend stuff?
What’s your favorite tv show?

D: Suits, Burn Notice...I can't pick one.