Fashion: Feelin' Mighty Red


It's time to start the vanities. 

One of the biggest things I have been wanting for a long time are RED skinny jeans. Why? Why not?! I think they are fun, vibrant, and they certainly stand out. Finally, as of this past Sunday, I purchased my first pair! Exciting stuff, (to me, that is). I've seriously been looking and looking but either the cost was way too high (because I am cheap) or they didn't fit quite right when I tried them on.

On my ritualistic Walgreens run, I hit up Maurices; a usually pretty pricey store in my opinion. I'd gone in there looking for these amazing rocker-style black studded flats. Of course, when I went in there for them, they were gone. However, I found those jeans and a awesome black and red color block dress I had my eye on weeks ago. Best part is, I spent all of $21.00 even. Great deal, no?

 Maurices Finds:

Dress: $39.99 $9.99
Skinny Jeans: $26.99 $9.99
Tax: ~$1.10
Total: $21.00
Savings: $45.98

I have yet to wear the dress but I do plan to pair the dress with my black Aldo wedges, roped chain necklace from Discovery, and my large black flower earrings from Value Beauty.
Quite frankly, these are my new best friends in my growing, and shouldn't be, wardrobe. Yay, colors!
Me, being cheesy in the skinnies.