Fashion: Happie Nuts (Japanese Magazine)

Danielle here,

One thing I am proud to say is that I am an avid magazine & blog reader. I follow tons of blogs via bloglovin', and blogger and I have stacks of magazines. I recently went through my magazines and cleared out a bunch from two years ago.

 Speaking more about magazines, In America I have a small obsessive need to buy Japanese magazines when there's a trip to Mitsuwa, a Japanese grocery store in Chicago. I usually end up buying at least three to four, why so many?

You get free stuff.
Meanwhile in Japan... there has been an elusive magazine that I've been trying to get my hands on and for some reason it wasn't being imported to the states, so a couple of days  and a very long plane ride later I got my hands on it! But first here are some of the Japanese magazines I would collect in America, minus the the lower left corner magazine.

Blenda, Cuite and Ray, the one on the bottom left was the magazine I was searching for, Happie Nuts. I'm not for sure of the name, but the Japanese do like English words.

Free stuff remember?

In this month's ( which is March ) edition they gave all their readers a bag from one of the name brands they host in their magazine, which is Lip Service. You wouldn't go lugging a bunch of stuff in this bag, things like a magazine, a book or an e-book reader, wallet, cellphone, a cosmetic bag, and a water bottle could go in there.

Now for the inside:

They have articles about their models, designers nights/parties, horoscopes, hair tutorials, street fashion snaps, more clothes, ads, more clothes. Unlike the American or British magazines, Japanese magazines have more things to read about clothes and less about celebs, gossip.

Japanese magazines tend to be my favorite, but one in a while Cosmopolitan, Glamour,  and Marie Claire sometimes sneak up on me and of course I buy them.

What are your thoughts on foreign magazines? Have you read any? Thoughts? Let's chat about em!