LeShea: Fash-spiration

LeShea here,
I guess it's my turn to talk about fashion icons who inspire me as well as my overall fashion aura. I, like Danielle, LOVE Victoria Beckham! I mean, she is STUNNINGLY CHIC! The definition of fashion icon. Am I right, or am I right?

My 'fashion history' started when I was in middle school. As a, ahem, chubbier kid, finding clothes that were cute and that fit was rather tough. My mother and my grandmother did their best but the end result was rather disappointing. Because of the issue, I ended up looking more tomboy than I actually was. And looking back, I KNOW I didn't know how to dress like I do know. (Not to toot my own horn or anything, jus' sayin'.) I just stared longingly at both Japanese and American magazines, hoping to look as fashionable as them some day.

As of today, I am SUPER GIRLY. It's probably rather sickening or vain at some points but I cannot help it. I love make-up, clothes, heels (when logically possible), hair, nails--I love it all. I started changing my style in, what I can remember, sophomore to junior year in high school. And now, I never leave confinement without considering how I look. Vain? Maybe. Effective? You bet you bottom, it is. And now that I am 22, this being the year of what I proclaim (subtitled that is) Fashionable 22. I've been able to kick off 22 right with new fashionable swag that will only add to my obsession and deplete my bank account as the year goes on. :P

It is what it is...
My fashion icons: Victoria Beckham, Tyra Banks, Lauren Conrad, Gilliana Rancic, Olivia Munn, Jeannie Mai, the Olson Twins, and J-LO (just to name a few...)

Happy Spring-spiration!
Lauren Conrad Inspiration

Dorothy perkin

Forever 21

NADA SAWAYA leather bag

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