Haul: Belated Birthday

Happy (VERY) Belated B-day, LeShea!

(Right, right?) Nah, it's whatever, really.

Seriously though, I went on a fashion craze two weekends or so ago. (So this is a very overdue blog post...)
I bought myself some things, yes, but my mother also took me on a mini-shopping spree at Charming Charlie's (and who doesn't LOVE that place despite how overwhelming the selection can be?) Several pieces of jewelry, a fedora, amazing new handbag, jeggings, and a blouse  later, and I was in heaven. Good 'ole Material Girl Heaven. Wheee! Most of the pieces I got, and one of my favorite color schemes, were teal and gold. Honestly, one of the best color schemes other than red, black, and white together or deep blues and teals with black. SPLURG! (Take THAT, over-priced shipping from Lovisa! Rwr!)


Here's the breakdown:

Charming Charlie's Haul

  • Grey/black/slate fedora, originally: $25.99
    • Sale price: $4.99
  • Teal/gold earrings (2 pairs), originally: $5.95 ea. 
    • Sale price: $2.99
  • Blue/bronze studs, retail price: $5.97
  • Teal/ gold, textured handbag, originally $39.97
    • Sale price: $9.99
  • Teal/gold cocktail ring, originally: $10.
    • Sale price: $4.99
Total Splurge Cost (Est): $31.92
*Note: my mother has the receipt so I'm not sure how much she paid exactly. She got herself something, too, while we were there and this was estimated without her things.

New York & Company (Unplanned Stop)

  • Burnt Orange Jeggings, originally ~$40.
    • Sale price: $10
Total: $10.51

Forever 21 Stop (had to)

  • Pink/rose gold embellished cocktail ring, originally: $9.00
    • Sale price: $2.99
  • Maroon blouse, originally: $30.00
    • Sale price: $5.00
Total: $7.99


  • Plastic ring set, originally: $4.99
    • Sale price: $1.00!


Total: $1.05

Amazon (AMAZING Finds)

  • Navy Sweater Boots, orig.: $40.00
    • Sale price: $23.99
    • S&H: $2.95
  • Rust Color Lace-up Booties, orig.:$40.00
    •  Sale price: $15.95
    • S&H: $5.00
  •  Teal High-Low Skirt, ONLY $7.95!
    • NO S&H! 
Total: $54.84

LeShea= Spoiled! :D