Make up: Eye liner styles

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you're enjoying the day and the weather, at least in some parts of the United States.

I've been thinking a lot about eye shapes which lead me to start thinking about eyeliner and the way that you can change the way it looks. I'm sure you have heard of the smokey eye and the cat-eye look right? I am a fan of the cat eye look, it's my go to look for basic makeup when going anywhere, it's simple and chic.

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Beyonce with her gorgeous eye make. The Smokey Eye

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The Cat Eye look.

Eyes are the doorway to looking into someone's soul or true intentions, so wanting to try something different I did some researching on different ways to make your eyes stand out. The photo below are some examples, some of them are  Lady Gaga-ish to that of everyday eye make but none the less creative! I am thinking I will have to try some of them when I return to the states.

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What's your daily eyeliner go to? Which ones are your favorites?!