Fashion: Is it Spring yet?


Spring is coming up soon, several miles across the world I can feel it already. The nice breeze, the sun, and the blooming of flowers. Maybe the groundhog was right? In the arrival of Spring and to let my fashion sense go wild, here is a possible inspirational coordinate.

 Brown, tan, pink, black, and green are on my spring coordinate list. They are feminine colors, especially the pink, but what makes it feminine is the shade of the pink. I am not one for pink, but this pink shirt is acceptable to me (I'm also a sucker for frills). The green is the pop of color because it brings out the brown and the pink.

As for the make, it's golden, but mostly natural. The accessories are neutral; a tan skull bracelet, with a cognac colored watch.

 Perfect coordinate for going out for coffee, I'm letting the clothes do the talking this time.

What colors are on your spring fashion list?

Spring Coord.