Review: Wet 'n Wild Fergie Gel Eyeliner

Wet 'n Wild Fergie Gel Eyeliner--Better than I thought.

LeShea, here!
A few weeks ago, I bought make-up, and lots of chocolate, on a whim. It was a crappy day and what better way to make it better than to get make-up an chocolate?
Danielle has been raving about gel-liner so I caved, but not too much because gel-liner is hella expensive, and bout the cheapo brand Wet 'n Wild--from the new Fergie line.

To my surprise, it applies, and sticks, MUCH better than I thought it would. I usually rather have a pen-liner instead of a brush and pot like this one is. My liquid eye liner of choice? Maybelline's Stiletto eye liner in Blackest Black (IT'S AWESOME) or their Eye Studio line is good too.

SO! Long story short, Fergie's attempt at make up with Wet 'n Wild is actually not so bad. It handles well during application, doesn't smudge, and is cheap ($4.99) compared to other brands. I am sure the others are good, pretty darn sure as a matter of fact, but I have yet to try them. Danielle could always give her input on the others--she's tried them before me, anyhow. :P

LeShea, out!