Fashion: Inspiring Spring Romance

...With your wardrobe!

LeShea here--sorry about the leave of absence. Spring semester brings on crazy business. It also brings on SPRING CLOTHES! Danielle already showed some great inspiring colors and style, and its not time to show off another (but mini) collection of clothes.

Purple spring skirt (T.J. Maxx ($7.00) w/ pockets and tie, jade skinnies (K-Mart! $3.49!  O_O), and matte yellow cold-shoulder top (T.J. Maxx, $7.00.)

Ah, yes. T.J. Maxx is truly for fashionistas, glamour girls, and fashion forward cuties. SO many cute spring blouses in peach, mint, tan, cream, orange cream, and lilac colors. Oh, how I love the pastels!
Other than the lovely pastels, there are other color schemes for spring such as matte colors. Matte yellows are my faves as of right now. Deep purples and deep jades (to evergreen) are good spring colors, too. Try 'em for yourself!

Also! (And ignoring my bedspread for now--better pictures of clothes to come later), it is time for dresses! Best for spring? Color-block patterns! The late 60s makes a stellar comeback. Oh, how Mod! <3

Happy spring and happy spring shopping!