FI: Emma Watson

Emma Watson is one of my news additions to my fashion inspiration, we are almost the same age I believe she is older than me. I never thought about having people that are the same age as me in a list of people that are older than me. My generation is floating along so I never really paid attention to them. I think I also need to state that I have only seen the first Harry Potter movie, and I don't intend to see the rest it's not my cup of tea.

I don't want to say that I discovered Emma while watching her in movies, but it was more of her at the red carpet events and conferences that drew me to her. The pixie cut that she sports made me feel good about having short hair, when I did, but also her confidence and the fact that she is herself and going to college while making movies.

She young, confident, determined, sassy and makes me feel good about my generation.

Good Show Emma, good show!

You Inspire me: Emma Watson