FI: Jennifer Lawrence

Another new addition to my list of fashion inspiration, Jennifer Lawrence. I bet your mind goes to the Hunger Games, well I haven't seen the Hunger Games, and I don't plan to do so either. It doesn't catch my interest at all.

My apologies.
The reason why I know of Jennifer Lawrence is through her no nonsense personality. I remember a while back there was talk about how actresses lose weight and look really unhealthy to fit the part (Remember Anne Hathaway and her part in Les Mis?). She refused to lose the weight that the directors thought she should be for the part and still made the movie look good (or so I've heard)

The fact that she eats whatever she wants and still looks good in her clothes, and doesn't try to appease Hollywood by looking like a malnutrition model she is golden in my books. If she ran for governor I would probably vote for her because of her determination not to appease everyone.

Did I mention her personality is the best thing ever?

You Inspire Me: Jennifer Lawrence