Make Up: Red lipstick & how to find your Red

Red Lipstick

As a young girl, I have always been weary of lipstick especially bright colors, specifically magenta. In the 90s maybe the 80s to my mother always wore a magenta colored lipstick.

I remember that stuff being all over my face as a kid, yuck.

In fact she still wears it today, I give her kudos for wearing the same terrible lipstick color (or the same shades) for over 20 years. When I began my fashion & beauty make over my view of lip products  started to change.

In this post I'll tell you a little bit about my adventure with red lipstick and help you determine which red looks best for your skin tone.

I decided to dive into the world of lipstick and here is some of my collection of reds.
NYX- Eden
Make Up Forever- Rogue Intense
Bobbi Brown- Cassis
Chanel - Pirate 
Chanel - Rebelle
Urban Decay- F-Bomb

 Red is known for being classy and sexy, I like both of those so I went for it. At this time, I had no clue about the different undertones, and shades of red, I just knew that I wanted bright red. My first red lipstick was purchased at Sephora, makeup forever in the color Rouge Artist Intense.

Needless to say I felt really strange wearing it, it didn't feel right, it looked right ( I think) but I couldn't wrap my head around it. So I stored it away and did some research while I slipped back into my comfort zone with nudes. Months later during the summer I decided to go for another red color which led me to Chanel, completely worth it btw.)  It wasn't exactly red, but more of a red-orange that was perfect for the summer and autumn months.
Recent Red Lips - Stila Stay-all-day liquid lipstick (Beso)

But enough about my lipstick journey, let's get down to the rules of finding out your red lips and getting to the sexy and classy lips:

First thing, we all know that certain colors do not look good on certain skin tones, but that doesn't mean that you can't wear it! Just because someone says this color isn't for your does not mean that you should not wear it. ( Why would you limit yourself to other people's words?) Some colors work best with certain skin tones, it is the same with reds.

To find what shades work best for your skin tone look for veins in your arm, if they are blue-ish then you have cool-undertones, if they are more green-ish then you have warmer undertones. You need to know your undertone so that you can pair it with your skin tone. ( FYI, Undertone is the muted color of your skin)

Second thing:
 If you have a warm undertone, rich oranges or browns will look best and give you a glow and won't clash with your skin tone it'll actually enhance and make your skin glow.

If you have a cool undertone, then a red color with the shades of pink or blue will do because of the rosy-ness of your skin.

Think you have a neutral or don't know the undertone you have? Reds like a fire hydrant or a fire truck are the go to colors for everyone that wants a basic red color.

Need a picture to solidify? These are some of the lipstick colors that work with undertones...
Picture from the
Happy Lipstick hunting!!

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