Seeing Red

Hey there, ho there--LeShea here!

Been a bit! Sorry! That happens to me more than I'd like. This has been helluva few months. Ick. But I am trying to do more things with my style and trying to perk myself up despite the weather and other various things...

So right now, I am trying something new-ish with hair--dying it myself!

Arianna 1. Sexy.
Arianna 2. Too cute!
Man was I scared when I first did it. Phew. It seemed to turn out okay. What color do you ask? RED. I felt it was a little "sexy" or "sassy". But I also decided to go long again too, with clip-in extensions this time (rather than a sew-in, kinda sick of those...) I have had this strange obsession with red hair lately--Arianna Grande being one of my inspirations, and can you blame me? I mean look! And we all know that Rihanna had that huge red phase but I don't know if I was a fan of the brightness. I usually like her hair styles but the last few have been a miss for me. Only some of her red styles are decent in my opinion...
 Therefore, Arianna wins. But you can decide which color works best for you. For example, Kelly Osbourne went lavender, and even gray recently. You gotta love that gutsy-ness. Most would worry about how others would perceive them and whether or not the color of their hair would interfere with their professions or not. Obviously, it depends on your environment, you willingness, and just what color you decide to roll with. But whatever you do (even though I too was afraid of how people would see me if my hair came out to be too red) you gotta own it!

An ok option for Rih.

If you dye it on your own, remember to look at the type of dye you are using: permanent, semi-perrmanent, amonia-free, etc. Do you research and know what you are putting into your hair. It also pays to look at some reviews to see how the product has worked for others. Especially for someone like me, doing the research is crucial!

Happy dy(e)ing!