Fashion: Insane High Heels

Hey 'der!

So these days, we have fashion staples like jeggings,boyfriend jeans and sweaters, collar necklaces, statement rings, clutches, etc. As I get older, 22 now remember?, the more into heels I want to be. During the school year, I can't wear as many pairs of heels as I'd like--running around campus all day is tough on the toes. Trust me, I know, I've tried. But now that is summer break--bring on the heels (and the wedges)!

One of my inspirations for making it in heels are the girls from a J-Pop group called Perfume. They are amazingly cute and inspire my inner Japanese girl. Not only do they manage to have the best outfits ever, always dressed to compliment on another, they do it all in heels! The dancing, running, skipping, hopping--they got it all! But one woman to beat, in terms of rocking Crazy @$$ heels (hereforth referred to as) is Lady Gaga--a woman already on the fashion's crazy list.
And Alexander McQueen is to blame for getting her into these Crazy @$$, 10 inch heels:


I mean if you can work it, work it. But these are crazy fo sho! A huge trend that is currently taking over are Heel-less heels. You know, the ones that look simply impossible to walk in. You've seen 'em, I'm sure. They are becoming a huge thing at stores like Charlotte Russe for example. And guess what? Lady Gaga rocks those too:

Other trends? The super skinny heel that even the super skinny models can't walk in. Sure, they are hella cute and add that accent to you outfit, but hey! You wanna be able to walk straight without fallin' don't ya think?  My advice, rock 'em only if you can handle 'em. If you must practice at home, practice at home. Walk around the living room in your new kicks, test the stairs to make sure you prevent tripping disasters in the real world, stride through the carpet to train yourself to pick up your feet to stop heel snags. Anything to prevent perils as seen below.

Happy stridin'!