Fashion Inspiration: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Hey hey hey!

So being on Pinterest made me come across some Fashionistas who I absolutely love! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson--who doesn't love them? We grew up with them for Pete's sake! And now, they have their own fashion line--Olsenboye. Super cute, very affordable. I actually bought a pair of super cute and super simple leggings from JCP by them, cost me one whole dollar. ONE! :D Additionally, I have an awesome pair of long zip-up boots that I bought a few years back for about $40, of which they have several varieties and version of. Wanna see?
Their fashion empire, btw, is huge. HUGE! (Literally worth about $1 billion...) Remember that line they had a Walmart back in the day? Well, they were 12 when they started that. Not many of us can say that. All in all they're pretty much a big deal even outside of their acting resumes. Chic, beautiful, and adorably trendy (as well as obviously smart) all at once!!!!

In fact, they have a fashion book out called Influence, running typically about $25 at the most. I've been telling myself for months that I was going to get that book. They have so many great full color photos of them together in great outfits. You also get a background on their individual style and the beginnings of their fashion empire. It's really a beautiful book and I know they already inspire me to up my fashion game, you know? Why not have awesome photos to influence your look?

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