LeShea's Obsession: Awesome & Cute Nail Art

LeShea here!

So one thing that I am obsessed about, as a young woman, are nails! :D I love, love, love nails and therefore cannot stand (what I call) naked nails. Paint, plastics, crackle, glitter details, whatever--and there are still new things I want to try but my cafe job won't let me. :( Sad day. But soon, I shall go nail crazy! Claire's, here I come!

Obviously, the big thing now called nail art--as I am sure you've seen. And it's gone much further than the little flowers you'd paint on your nails in middle school.  Sally Hansen, Broadway Nails, Kiss, OPI, Revlon, etc. are all on this nail kick--all allowing you to get as creative as possible. It's wonderful really since you can decide how you want things to look and actually save quite a bit of money. I usually get cheap glue-ons or something, shape them up, or detail 'em and people usually think that I got them done professionally and that is hardly ever the case. Remember, I never, ever, pay too much for what I wear 'm sport! Smart "fashion-nista" type chick right here~!

For example, take a look to the right! Oh, my heart! This is a type of design I've tried myself--check it out and try it out! It is much easier than you think. If you don't have the 'proper nail tools, toothpicks or those sticks you get in glue-on nail kits work just fine when making small and detailed designs such as this. Or, I've heard of people using push pins,  pin heads, band-aids, tape, etc. to get the desired effects expensive pro-tools do, too.

Check out my version done this past spring!

Happy nail art-ing!

~LeShea <3