Review: Pueen Eyeshadow & Shany Creamy Foundation Palette

Having bought this on the internet while in Japan and had everything shipped to my boyfriend's place. My reasoning to buying these palettes were so I didn't have to buy any more eyeshadow or concealer. I discovered them after watching a haul of a former Onee-gyaru and decided to take a look.

First up is the Shany Creamy Foundation, I was getting kinda irritated by not finding concealers that were close enough to my skin so after watching the haul vid I found this lovely item.

~Product Features~
  • First row consists of 5 cream foundation color and covers light to medium dark skin tones
  • Buttery concealers; Mix and match and blend able colors
  • Camouflaging made easy with compact kit from Shany
  • Each pan is about 1 inch and will last a long time
  • This product was not tested on animals; Proud member of PETA

Danielle's Review
Texture: It's creamy as the title say, but it does need to be warmed a little before it goes on smooth.
Result: A perfect match.
Price: approx. $15 with free shipping. Purchased through Amazon
Overall: At first I was hesitant about using it, too many choices. I eventually found a perfect match to my skin, I'm sure you can see it in the upper right hand corner. Included in the palette there is a white bluish pan, so that you can mix your own color if you need to. Convenient. I really like this palette, only thing is I will have to start mixing other foundations to create my foundation when I run out of it. But seeing how I only need to use a little bit I think it will last a good amount of time. This palette is easy to use and I can use my fingers or concealer brush to apply it.

Recommended: Yes! A definite re-buy when I do run out.

Second product is the Pueen Eyeshadow Palette, going through my makeup box I realized I had many of the same color eyeshadows so instead of throwing them out, I handed them to LeShea.

~Product Features~
  • 120 Highly pigmented colors to choose!
  • Great selection of warm and neutral colors!
  • Compatible design, great for travel and home use!
Danielle's Review:
Texture: Smoothy, kinda clumps when putting it on the brush.
Result: Vivid colors, so vivid!
Price: approx. $15 with free shipping. Purchased through Amazon.
Overall:  Since these colors are like my dream come true I won't have to buy anymore neutral eyeshadow anymore. In the palette there are matte and shimmery like shades of various colors. For the price and the amount of colors this is definitely worth buying no need to buy eyeshadow. Also some of the colors can be very vibrant, so making sure I don't go overboard on some of the colors I usually dab the brush/or finger first.

Recommended: Yes. Did I mention I don't need to buy anymore eye shadow??