Fashion: Fall 2013 colors

As LeShea and I hustle back to our fall domains, aka University, we are keenly aware of that big event that happens every fall and spring in various countries. In this case, I'm talking about New York Fashion week. Unfortunately for LeShea and I don't have time to sit and watch the leggy and slender models show off the various designed clothing by the big influential designers. Various pieces LeShea and I long to have in our future walk-in closets, sigh.

Here are the colors that will be trending this fall:

Looking at the colors I see on that is a returning color from Spring, Emerald, then again Emerald is a multi-seasonal color so it works. A lot of the colors are more toned down for the fall, but that doesn't mean that you can't have your pops of color! Vivacious, Koi, Emerald, and Samba are the eye-poppers, while Deep Lichen Green, Turbulence, Carafe, and Acai are more of the deep colors.

These colors are unisex, so no excuses! Especially since men are wearing more eye-catching colors, such as the colors Vivacious and Koi.

My favorites from these colors are Mykonos Blue, Acai, Turbulence, and the Linden Green. I'm actually excited for these colors because they can be easily layered together or be a pop of color for another neutral color, examples below!

What colors are your favorite this fall?