Fashion: Dry Goods is Really Good!

Hey there, 

Have you heard of Dry Goods? No? Well you're gonna be in love, trust me.
Dry Goods, main floor next door to Teavana. <3

After yet another job interview (sigh, don't ask), I decided to wander around the mall (Mayfair Mall of Milwaukee, WI) and stare at things I should not be buying. Venturing around, I came across this store that I noticed in the past but never got to go into. Boy, was that both a mistake and good fortune. I was in love instantly.

Whew! Where do I start?!

Though Danielle said that that the word on the street was that the store had an expensive rep, I found some things that are quite worthy for the average Fashionista-on-a-Budget (FOAB?). There were many cute and chic things in the front of the store (comfy and soft cardigans, kick-ass clutches and mini-bags, stellar blazers, and so on), there was a--wait for it--a whole ROOM dedicated to sale items. That's right. ROOM.

Take a look at what I found! <3 :
Found these side by side. Can you tell which style is mine and which is Danielle's?

How could you NOT love this?! $19.50
Pair w/ the clutch/crossbody on the right!
Btw: they have tons of accessories on sale, too. Bib necklaces, collar necklaces, cuffs, watches, gotta see 'em! These things aren't all that I found (more to come later...) In the meantime, go check out Dry Goods! (And don't worry, whatever isn't on sale now, will be.) Happy shopping.