LeShea: Halloween Makeup Planning!

E.L.F Line 

LeShea here again! Man. this month has been...phew! Let's just say very worrisome to the point where it has been distracting me from blogging. But it has been on my mind, I promise! Anyway, it is almost that time: Halloween. And usually, I couldn't care less but this year I actually wanna dress up and party. I may even supply myself with a bowl of my own candy. Can anyone say, candy corn?! :D

With my frequent trips to Walgreen's, I always see things that I want. (Notice one of my last posts was about make-up AND Danielle did a recent review on her latest haul--one of which I hope to have myself come November. I'm planning a new image!!!!) I also have some very peaking interests in sexy-cool Halloween makeup that I want to try or look into since I do plan to dress up this year. Although what I may be going as is a tad grotesque, that doesn't mean my make-up can't be on point! Curious? Well I am thinking of going as a Splicer from, you guessed it, Bioshock (AWESOME X-box game for those of you who don't know...sadly). I researched it a bit and the make-up looks a little smeared and teary but I want to use them as the inspiration to perfect my own look for my personalized Splicer costume. I have much to do when it comes to getting that all together... :/

Wet 'N Wild line.
So let's take a look at what we have at our disposal! As I mentioned, Walgreen's always has something new I have yet to try. Recently, I saw two different displays that definitely caught my eye. The first, a line by Eyes Lip Face, went for the villain image but in a very classy way. With pallets inspired by Maleficent (grrr, Kingdom Hearts reference) and Cruella Deville  for example, who wouldn't be interested?

The second display that caught my eye, Wet 'N Wild's Halloween line. What I really want from this line is the glitter liners and bold creme shadows. Best of all? I can use them for more than just my possible costume--something I will show in future blogs to come! I've used glitter liners and creme shadows before with decent success.

Until then, take this post as a tip for what is out there at your disposal! Try something new this year, like me, and go all out with your costume make-up even if your costume is super simple.

Happy Halloween Make-Up Planning! :D

~LeShea <3