LeShea: Make Up


LeShea here! <3
Fall is pretty much hereeeeee! (I am not sure whether I am exicted for this or not. Goodbye summer fashions. Hello incorporating summer pieces into fall style...) Anyhoo, I keep taking note of all these new make-up trends. There are quite a few new products I'd like to try from Maybelinne and Rimmel. Foundations, mascaras, shadows--oh my! However, until I can actually break down and by some make-up on my senior in college budget, I can only dream. :(
Here are some of the make-up products that have caught my attention~

Fit Me Foundation stick

Which one will 'Fit' you?
I alredy use the Fit Me foundation and powder from Maybelline so this new product of the line makes me very curious. Instead of using your brush to apply your foundation, the idea is to simply use this all in one stick. I am curious...It makes me think to make sure my face was freshly washed before using the stick--since it's used directly on your face during every application (rather than having the ability of being cleaned like a foundation brush). The stick features a "anti-shine core" and the foundation itself has the consistency of a gel--definitely something I have never tried. I found a coupon for couple dollars off and I am very tempted to use it. Easy, lightweight, and simple. Worth a try, no?

Color mascara 

Another thing on my radar by Maybelline is the color mascara. So great news: Great Lash by the company has quite a few interesting colors to choose from. Green, aqua, purple, pink, and berry--who would have thought? Now, though I love color on my eyes, I've never branched out this far. Either because of my uncertainty of how it would look on me or because I'm married to the darkest color I can get (Very Black/Blackest Black), I've never tried the trend. Maybe I'll be inspired this October to do so...

Whisper lipstick

Greatest thing about this lipstick? There are so many options! I want to be adverturous and go for Plum Prospect, but I fear for going for such a stand out purple color. Of course, you should always try new shades but to make sure it will go well with your complexion as well. Other good colors on my radar: Berry-Ready, Oh-La Lilac, Orange Attitude, and Pin-up Peach. I have a feeling my mind will change but who knows?!  Check it out and find your favorite color.

Flammed out mascara

With this brush, every lash is meant to be swept up to perfection.
New from Covergirl, a brand I have always had on my list for affordable and quality make-up, comes this mascara. I'm sure you've seen it advertised by Pink, and that is pretty B.A. by itself. The colors in comes in are some of the usual:black, brown, very black, and brown-black are the colors. I plan on trying it out once my Rimmel is too old and out to use anymore, though I typically like mascaras with rather large brushes. But as long as it fans out my lashes well, then the job is well done (and the shape of the brush for this mascara is supposed to to just that.)

By now means is this an exhaustion of my list. I want to try so many things and most of them are by Maybelline. What does that tell you? Trustworthy brand with great options? I'd say say. Gel and cream shadows, cream and liquid liners--there's so many new things I'd love to try. Go get yours!