Fashion: Summer to Fall Coordinates

Because the seasons are changing and the leaves are turning a beautiful red-orange color that means it's time for fashion coordinates to change as well. I've already packed away my summer clothes to make room for my fall clothes, ( and I noticed that it's packed already) but in remembrance of the sweltering heat and my birthday month I decided to put together some coordinates I wore in the summer and change them to fall appropriate coordinates.

I managed to keep some of the pieces I wore more than twice from being packed away. I took these pieces and made a Summer and Fall coordinate.

The pieces I chose are below:

(Left) Skull Sweater:
(Middle) Romper:
(Right) Dress: Franchesca's Boutique
(Bottom) Skirt: Zara

These are the pieces that I wore the most in the summer time, or when I had the opportunity to do so. Also, I do apologize for the lighting of pics, none of them have been altered and I reused a lot of things due to improper planning on my part. Next time will be different!

 Let's begin!



Fall:  Skull Sweater



Fall: Floral Romper

Summer to Fall: Polka Dot Dress

Summer to Fall: Floral Skirt