Review: KATE Super Sharp Liner S (Japanese Beauty)

Back in March I did a post about eye make and focused on eyeliners, I discovered the cosmetic series called KATE, by Kanebo in Japan ( the first time I visited). Because I forgot my make up I asked if one of the members of the organization I was at if they could take me shopping for cosmetics. The experience was fun but slightly difficult.

 Getting to the Review:

~Product Features~

 ▶  The brush pen eyeliner for producing super fine lines is now even more advanced
 ▶  It produces stronger blacks & has a higher fade resistance.

Danielle's Review
Scent: None
 Texture: Smooth
Results: Smooth application of eyeliner!
Price: approx. $14.00 (via, Currency exchange difference.

 Overall: When I first tried KATE Super Sharp liner S I was instantly hooked, granted I was just getting into eyeliner, I was hooked. The brush is sleek and thin making it easy to apply the eyeliner. The lines are smooth and dries quickly so no smudges. Because the brush is thin it can get closer to the eyelashes, so no random  spots by the eyelashes. Currently I've moved to gel eyeliner, but KATE and Kiss Me Heroine eyeliner are the only liquid eyeliner that I use.

Recommended: Yes. The brush is a game changer.