LeShea: Shop for the Chop!

Let's talk hair for a sec...

Sideswept Bangs: 20 Photos of Gorgeous Side-Swept Bangs
Pixie and pretty all in one.
Before we get to the goodies (thoughts on NARS, Lancome, and drug store eyeliners), I wanna chat about one little thing that makes us gals nervous: Cutting. Our. Hair. [Insert gasp here.] Scary, huh?

Well, I've been thinking about it for a month now. I've always been a fan of long hair and have become with obsessed with extensions, and even the wig look depending on the style. Recently, I've been a little more open to the idea of going for a short look. My inspirations? Rhianna has pulled off some very cute styles ( a tad rebellious and out there at times) and Keri Hilson rocks many different types of bobs that I just love. Even Ginnifer Goodwin has surprised all with her chic pieces.

The question is, how do you know what style is right for your face-type? Good question. Typically it goes something like this:
Cute, round-like face? Get a choppy/piecey style like Ginnifer (had to use her as an example again).
Small-pixie face? Rihanna has an abundance of cuts to choose from.
Got a round face? Bobs are best for your face type.
Is your face more square-shaped?  Long-layered bobs are your style.

By far, one of her bests.
Just wanna get edgy? Again, Rihanna's got the look but so does Miley Cyrus (only in this picture, I think), Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Beckham (of course). You can go cutesy too, like Michelle Williams, if you want more femme than fatale.

Do your research, first, before you decide on getting the chop. It will grow back, yes, but you still gotta make sure that your cut is just your style.

Happy hunting!

~LeShea <3