The Reviews You've Been Waiting For--Pt. 1


Phew, I got that (partially) out of my system.

So yes, it has been a very long time since I have been able to blog. Sad, I know. but as Danielle posted: WE'VE GRADUATED! About time?  Maybe. Relieved? Neh, dunno yet. I myself, dove right into working two jobs so I haven't had the chance to really blog in a long time.

But none the less, I will be blogging more (hopefully after work at least twice a week on my end) and still showing you all how obsessive I am with fashion and beauty.
So, why did I say Ulta over and over? Because it opened closer to my house and all I gotta do is get in the car for 6 minutes! Here's what I've been buying since it opened:

House of Holland nail kit--
These nails have been turning heads...
Me-oh-my! You have to try! Really. They are awesome and easy to use like any other kit--'cept they seem to last so much longer! I only had a couple mishaps--such as the little dots falling off but only about three came off. To switch it up, I'll leave my natural nail out but paint it and design it in a cool way. Awesome part is I was in Ulta recently and a woman stopped me to tell me she loved them! It's a show-stopper!

Ulta-Brand gold liner and Baked Bronzer by Palladio--
Something that I had to try too, more liners and a bronzer! Haven't had one in years but I was on a splurge!  The liner goes on so smooth and stays on all day--great alternative to something like Stilla if you don't wanna drop $20 on a liner. As for the bronzer, I've been told it makes me glow, so that is a pro! I think, however, it brings out my pores too much so I'll have to find a good Primer or pore minimizer to get the full effect. Otherwise, great products to pair together!

And of course, because I am cheap, I picked up some more FITME! foundation and powder by Maybeliline--since I was out and had amazing coupons. SO MANY SALES! Anyway, moral of the story is that I just picked up extra drugstore make up, ULTA brand products, and a NYX eye shadow primer that I cannot wait to try. (SO I can't review it til i try it. I'll include it with the lip product review.)

Ok, enough words.
Chat to ya soon!
~LeShea <3

Mini-review to come...