Fashion: Trench Coat

After forgetting where I stashed my fall like coats I got tired of being beaten up the lake wind blasting on my campus and the invisible tornadoes that blast through buildings. I pulled out my trench coat, there's no snow on the ground, but this lovely item is all set for Fall. There is tons of snow on the ground and the Midwest, East Coast, and West Coast is on the lines of frigid.

The weather in LeShea's state, the good ol' Midwest the weather here changes sometimes too quickly, and needless to say our state has never let us down when it comes to blasting us with cold weather. In the beginning it was windy and chilly, now it's just plain cold frigid. So we pulled out the fall and winter trench coats, here are some picks of Fall trench coats from LeShea's polyvore:

Because the weather changed so drastically from when I first started to write this post, here are some winter trench coats from my own polyvore:


What are your favorite trench coats?