Review: Mario Badescu Ginsing Moist Cream

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After calmly browsing through the aisle of Ulta (silently screaming to myself) I was looking for a facial moisturizer. I know I have the It's Skin Aqua Serum (but I can't tell how much is left and I have already had the serum for three years... )I was looking for a moisturizer that could keep my face nice and plump and combat the fridge almost arctic weather that gripped the Midwest, enter Mario Badescu.
With all of the different kinds of moisturizers and serums, the lined the walls and some aisles of Ulta I was directed to the skincare line of Mario Badescu. I was instantly floored at the prices of the items, some of them were less expensive than L'oreal, Clean and Clear, Almay and so on! But on the other hand, the serums that the line did have were pretty pricey, so I settled for a cream.

After purchasing the cream I did a little research on my own to see how well Mario Badescu is known and I was blown away.
Here are some main points I found:

▶Products are sold at high-end stores: Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Henri Bendel etc.
▶Products featured in various magazines: Nylon, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, Fitness, GQ, New Beauty etc.
▶ Lots of celebs use his products: Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, just to name a few

Product Features 

▶An excellent choice for combination skin for cold weather or dry climates.
▶ Highly absorbent, and perfect for under make-up.
▶Ginseng extract is high in vitamins to nourish skin, preserve elasticity and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
▶Made with rice bran oil for non-greasy moisture.

A benefit with this moisturizer starts with the amount of ingredients in it. There are nine ingredients compared to the 10-15+ ingredients in other types of moisturizers.

Danielle's Review

Scent: A lite scent of Ginseng, not too over powering.
Texture: It's light and silky when it is rubbed in.
Price: Approx. $18.00 (I bought with a coupon)
Results:All day my skin feels moist, no need to reapply.
Overall: After using this for majority of December into January this cream has become my favorite. I don't need to use a lot of product to cover my face, the amount on my hand in the picture is enough to cover my whole face. I use if after I finish my daily skin cleansing regimen and it goes on smooth and is easily absorbed.
I've had it for about two months and it looks like I haven't even put a dent in the amount of the cream.

Recommended: Definitely. This cream has lasted me months. It is pricey but a definite buy.

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