Review: Jumily Eyelash Glue

As we all know when I was in Japan I purchased a lot of beauty products, or at least tried to. The Jumily Eyelash glue was one of the products that I purchased. While I was in Japan I was beginning my Gyaru stage, but currently it's on hold
(maybe there will be a small post about that will come later). On to the review!
 Like I mentioned I purchased this for the reason of getting into the Gyaru scene by wearing false eyelashes. It's something that I've been fascinated by but didn't get enough courage until I arrived in Japan, they wear them all the time and look so cute while they are at it. Unfortunately for me the eyelash glue that I decided to get turned out to be a dud.

~Product  Highlights~
Jumily Maiko Takahashi Eyelash Glue is designed for false eyelash use. It is clear and dries invisibly. The attached fine brush design is easy to adjust & control of usage with is highly recommended for beginners. White to Transparent Finish glue keeps False Eyelash STAY ON SECURELY ALL DAY. Easy Peel Off to prolong the life of your false eyelashes.

Danielle's Review

Scent: When I opened the small tube, the scent that came from it reminded me of rubber bands, automatic no.
Texture: It wasn't even a liquid, it was clumpy.
Results: Didn't even use it.
Price: Approx. $12.99(Not sure what the actual price was due to currency fluctuation).
Overall: Simply stated, I hated it. I was excited when I purchased it and highly upset when I opened it. It was clumpy, I know that eyelash glue is supposed to be and this wasn't it. Also the brushed just seemed to be shoved into the container with no thought of the brush in mind. I put a drop of water in it to help thin it out, and I opened it later and the smell was even worse. There was no way I was going to put this near my eye.

Highly upset.