Lifestyle: Our bags and what's in them.

A fashion look from January 2014 featuring H! by Henry Holland handbags and Madewell tote bags. Browse and shop related looks.
Some of LeShea's & Danielle's favorite purses via Polyvore
The "What's in our Bags" is tag that we saw via youtube vloggers and thought it would be fun and interesting to see what each of us had in our bags, you know since we are different but the same. Think of it as a fragmented insight to what our
lives are like...just a little bit you know?

Perhaps we'll do another one in a few months?

LeShea here!

Recently, going through my bags (since I have full  access to all of my handbags again, yay!), I noticed that I had at least 4-5 lip products in one bag. Hah, oops. Nars lipstick, drugstore lipsticks and balms, chapsticks...can you tell I hate dry lips and love gloss and color?
Other than that, take a sneak peak into LeShea's bag! (One time only! :P )

 I don't carry too much make up with  me on hand when I leave the house--just basics. ALWAYS a pencil of liner though; that I cannot help since I am a stickler for liner. And my bag wouldn't be complete without something relating to ULTA. :D Other than that, lotion, mascara, and hand sanitizer (you never know, you know?)

Danielle here, My bag is a little more cluttered than LeShea's. I've been more busy than usual so I just shove stuff in my bag and leave it there. Normally there is a notebook but I have missed placed it:

  •  Schedule Book & Expense Book 
  • Wallet Hand 
  • Lotion Various 
  • Lip products 
  • Various pens & Highlighter