Make Up: About Dem Lips

Hey hey,

So it's been something that has become very long overdue but, here it finally is: a review on some lip sticks that I've either inherited or actually bought (what?!). Awhile back I said that I would make a post on them, such as Lancome, NARS, and NYX. Sorry about that--I can't even give a good excuse.

Anyways, so out of my collection of lipsticks, I selected these:

NYX in Tea Rose
  Very smooth and creamy and goes on easy. I love this brand and this shade makes me love it more. It's so lady-like and feminine too! :D

Lancome Rouge in Love
  My first Lancome EVER! <3 It's really light so if you wanna start out with something nice and sweet for a name brand, high quality, and fashion forward look, go for this one.

NK (Beauty store brand) in Lavender Tint
 I picked this up on a whim from a Cosmo Beauty. I wanted to start easy with a berry shade since I like the color so much but wasn't sure how it'd look with my completion. I really want the Kiss Me line from drugstores and the Maybelline Lavender-Berry shades.

NYX Matte in Rouge
 It's my bold-go to shade when I am feeling saucy. It goes on great, isn't drying and looks super chic. My NARS (in Funny Face) one is in a similar shade but sadly, it's a lot more drying. My lips get sooo chapped when I put it on. So far, I like NARS' lip glosses that I tried in Sephora much better.

Mary Kay in Confiance 
 This one is VERY dark. I was scared for years when my mom gave it to me because of the tint and my preference to lip glosses at the time. I tried it one night, not bad actually. You gotta work it though--meaning you can't be shy with lips like these. This shade, as I a finding, is called the Velvet lip trend or the Wine lip trend. Start out small if you're nervous. It's a little drying though, so a little chap stick can help when you wear it.

What shades of lip stick suite you best?