Danielle LeShea: Get to know Danielle!

Where do you currently reside and what do you love most about it?

I live in the good ol' Midwest, Wisconsin! The fake left hand mitten as people from Minnesota like to say just to irritate us. The best thing about  Wisconsin is the lake, granted it smells bad during the summer and looks creepy as hell in the Winter it's cool non the less.

What does your closet look like?

Right now my closet is a hodge podge of things, there's different clothes in there from different seasons. It's
kinda a mess and not to mention that I don't even have my full closet up, sad news really.

Which designers do you want to see in your wardrobe someday? Or specific brands, styles, or pieces?

Something from any one of these designers: Victoria Beckham, Vince Camuto, Michael Kors, BCBG, ADEAM, Desigual.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Searching for new blogs and I'm a video game nerd. So definitely playing video games, the Final fantasy series and Mass Effect series are my favorites. Also an avid writer mostly fan-fiction, although I do have a few original works.

Which styles are you into right now?

Fashion styles??  I've been really into bright colors, metal detailing, prints, and feminine colors and cuts. I've been drawn to floral prints on bright colors, metal detailing such as studs, spikes and metal plating.

Favorite makeup brands or products-which ones can't you live without?

Favorite makeup brands:  Revlon, No7, Chanel, Cargo, NYX
Products can't live without: Foundation, definitely eyeliner.

Where would you like to travel that you have not been to yet?

The next few places on my list involve: South Korea, it's a place that I've slowly becoming interested in and the history is so captivating. Spain, to see the culture and the people. Italy as well, there's so much history around Italy and also the food is said to be delicious and, of course, so is the eye candy.

All time favorite music/musicians/artist-go!

Gackt, Dir En Grey, Big Bang, TOKiMONSTA, Ken Hirai, Mika Nakashima.

 What is your best memory or moment in your life?

The best memory? It had to be the first time I traveled by myself to Japan. I had to somewhat trick my mom into letting me go after the Tsunami/earthquake of 2011. It wasn't for volunteer work, it was for something completely different. Honestly that is what officially started the travel bug in me.

Do you watch fashion shows,  and if so, which ones?
I used to watch fashion shows, but now I don't watch any.

What is your biggest passion?
 Biggest passion, hm. There are a few things I could say, but honestly I think traveling is one of my biggest passions. If I had the funds I would travel around the nation, back to Japan and England. I need to fill my passport that is a goal of mine. Also I love seeing all the different sights and people and just being surrounded by a different culture makes me ecstatic!

If you could give someone around your age advice about daily life, what would you tell them?
 Probably, don't sweat the small stuff.  It takes your energy away from the bigger things that will come later in
life. Also don't compare yourself to others. Everyone has different circumstances why waste time being jealous when you could be focusing on yourself.

Favorite part about blogging and/or Danielle LeShea?
 Researching and of course the posting! Blogging with LeShea and running the blog together for me is a daily thing. Before I get out of bed I pull out my handy tablet to check blogs and take a look at D & L!

Can you sum yourself up in one word?

SUPER HARD QUESTION! Dependable? Resilient?