Nails: Danielle's Nail Polish Collection

So while LeShea has been posting things about nails and being the person that I am, chewing on my nails for many different reasons I have a huge collection of nail polish.
Why? I dunno. Pretty colors? Here's my nail polish collection because everyone likes pretty colors right?

Going through all of my nail polishes, counting every single one I have. I came to the conclusion that I am crazy.
I have 55 different colors, not sure how it happened but  yes 55 different colors. I may or may not have used all of the polishes in the container, actually, not all of them fits within the container.


Of course, I have favorites out of all of them, the ones that I use the most to put on to my little nub nails.

When it comes to nail colors, I am not picky on which brand that it is. There are some people that only buy Zoya, or ORLY, or  China Glaze, but me? Nah If I like the color I'm buying it. Besides, the other brands might have colors similar to the $9-10 name brand polish for like $.89-2.99

What are some of your favorite nail polishes? Colors? Brand?