Danielle: Digital vs Magazine

After recently moving I came to realize how many magazine I've come to own, the amount is kinda staggering not to mention the fact that they are mostly Japanese fashion magazines. Another thing I've come to realize that I've stopped buying magazines.

 I've have always been pro-print/magazine, there's just something relaxing or nostalgic about reading a newspaper or magazine. Maybe it's just the fact that I played a lot of video games that had books in them, and now with the e-reader it kinda seems like it's trying to make books ancient news.

It kinda urks my nerves.

After returning from Japan I've accumulated a bunch of Japanese fashion magazines and I refuse to recycle them, not to mention that I've also began to accumulate UK magazines as well.

I remember a while back there was a big talk about how E-Readers will make print obsolete, of course I laughed at the thought because print has been around longer than I can even say and just the thought of it makes me cringe. I love books, magazines and newspaper.

But recently I've found myself being drawn to magazines on my tablet and smart phone. I'm guilty. Yes I know.

Hear me out,

My roommate has given me copious amounts of  google play credit, so I've been taking advantage of that. Going to Barnes & Nobles or the local drugstore I would pay at most $5-10 depending on the amount of magazines I grab and since I've been buying UK magazines that $5-10 jumps to $10-20!

Too much! But so worth in the end!

But my point is, I will never lose interest in print material. I'm just on a spree of purchasing UK magazines.

What are your thoughts?
 Company and Stylist are a few that I've been indulging in
Few pages from the Stylist magazine.