Make up: Let's talk Mascara!

After my sudden increase in mascara I've been focusing in on my eyelashes and how mascara accentuates them. After various makeup mishaps while I was overseas and the realization of my leaky eyes in the wind my holy grail of mascara is called waterproof.

So let's talk mascara, after my shopping binges and going through all of my old make up products from the beginning of my college days and maybe even the end of high school. LeShea and I were recently talking about mascara and the day before I purchased Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Mascara Waterproof and I noticed how the brush was angled, that's when I started to pay attention to how the bristles were and if they actually do what they are claimed to do.

So here's the low down of the Mascara brushes and what they do:

Plastic Comb Wand:
This style of brush is usually made of plastic or rubber, with tiny little teeth evenly spaced along the head.
Often slim, these are really good for people who like a lot of separation and definition.
I noticed with these brushes that the product just sits on the brush and doesn't get absorbed, I usually scrape off  the product and us the remaining product that's on the brush to coat my lashes. I heard that these brushes are good for people with sparse lashes or short lashes.

I was introduced to these brushes when I received a free sample of Clinque's high length mascara. Curved and plastic was something new to me at the time, and something that I progressively moved away from because it wasn't waterproof. I am excited to try out the new Nyx mascara I picked up because it's waterproof!

Massive Bristle Brush:
Obviously these brushes are bigger with a considerable larger brush. You mainly see these brushes in the big volume and big curl mascaras. The product is supposed to give the appearance of fuller and heavier lashes. I hear that these brushes are good for people that have a lot of lashes. 

Curved Wand Brush: 
Bendy side up! These wands are great for those who don't have curls in their lashes already. When using mascaras with the curved wands they are meant to give your eyelashes a soft curve and supposedly a wide eye appearance. I recently discovered these when I purchased two Nyx brand mascaras and when  I received my X-Mas gift from my boy and it had Lancome's Hypnose Drama mascara in it. Bonus~!

Tapered Wand brush:
Tapered wands aka heart shaped brushed are similar to straight wands but of course they taper off at the end. You can get great volume and length from the thicker part of the brush and you can use the tip of the brush to pick individual lashes to give them that extra oompf. These brushes are the ones I started with when I dove into the cosmetic world.

What kind of brand do you usually turn to for your mascara?

If you want more information here are some sites: