Review: Shiseido IBUKI Starter Kit

On a vacay trip to Chicago with my boy last summer we were situated at on the magnificent mile, across the street from ZARA and a 10-15 minute walk to TopShop, Nordstrom etc. Such a nice spot and also it made me want to live in Chicago even more.

On one of the many shopping stints, my boy and I stopped at Nordstrom to have a look see and I noticed a Shiseido booth. It was the first time I've seen one that's not at a Japanese market, and hearing a lot of good things about Shiseido I wanted to try out some of it's products. I was a little hesitant about trying them due to the whitening attributes, but the lady at the Shiseido crushed that fear.

After getting a free facial (which felt amazing) I gave my boy the puppy eyes, and he bought me the starter kit.

 After the facial my face was really moist so much that I kept touching it and didn't even bother to put makeup on afterwards. Which is a first because appearance is everything.

About Shiseido IBUKI Skincare line:

 "Shiseido's Ibuki Starter Set provides a two-week trial introduction to the Shiseido skincare line designed to visibly correct imperfections by targeting dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, roughness and visible pores."

 Set includes:
- Cleanser 

- Softener  (toner)
- Moisturizer 

 ~How to Use~

 ▶ Removing make up of course, use a pea sized amount and spread it across your face gently rubbing your face and gently wash off the cleanser, gently pat face dry.
 ▶  Use a pea sized amount of the softener spreading it all over your face avoiding the eyes.
 ▶ Using a pea sized amount, apply the moisturizer all over face avoiding eyes.

My Review:
Scent: There is a lite scent, but it's not overpowering I actually like it.
Texture: Smooth, of course
Results: Skin is super moist, kinda feels like jello.
Price: $25+ (Chicago) tax
Overall: I love this. I try not to use it a lot due to the actual prices of the larger bottles. I do use it every now and then just for the surge of moisture and how smooth it makes my skin feel. Not only that it also draws out the toxins in my skin, which does lead to occasional breakouts but that's easily taken care of with the No7 Beautiful Skin: Rapid Spot Rescue.
When I have the funds available this is something that I would like to invest in because it covers my dry skin worries and it also helps brighten/tone my skin.

If you are willing to spend money on a good skincare regimen that offers more than one benefit (who doesn't want that) then the Shiseido IBUKI skincare line is where you should also invest your money.