Danielle LeShea: 25 Random facts about Danielle

1. I'm the shortest in my family, I'm 5'2!
2. I hate cakes, pies, and pastries, but I like plain cakes and doughnuts.
3. I'm super self-conscious of my voice, I kind of freak out when I listen to my voice.
4. I can play video games for 10+ hours, with food & bathroom breaks of course.
5. I can be very patient with people, except for my family & rude and inconsiderate customers/people
6. I highly dislike talking on the phone, it feels really awkward.
7. I'm socially awkward, it's difficult for me to hold a conversation with people.
8. I have over 55 nail polish colors, but only use 4-8 colors.
9. I love coffee and tea!
10. I'm a classic video gamer.
11. I have a good amount of shoes, but only wear 3-4 pairs.
12. I love video games, but I hate my job.
13. I can speak Japanese, very little Korean, French, and Spanish..
14. I write stories based off video games, manga, and or anime.
15. I kinda freak out about heights, but I like roller coasters.
16. I get anxious when I'm about to speak in public, but during the speech I'm fine.
17. I'm not afraid to travel alone.
18. Occasionally I'm a impulsive & compulsive shopper.
19. If I'm not interested in the subject, I tend to not pay attention.
20. I'm a really good listener, but terrible talker.
21. I'm terrible at explaining things in person, but hand written I can explain things quite well.
22. I make a lot of inappropriate jokes, like really inappropriate.
23. I do know Kung-fu but my balance is terrible.
24. Some days I have no meat days and only eat vegetables.
25. I'm a tomboy at heart.