Danielle LeShea: 25 Random Facts about LeShea

1 LOVES Asian/Indian foods, fashion, and cutesy things.
2 All about the healthy food, lifestyle, and alternate recipes.
3 Still a nerd at heart.
4 Never goes out without considering her style.(Make-up application, usually--even a tad.)
5 Favorite colors are blues, greens, rose/blushy pinks (recently), pastels...
6 Has been to Japan (my place of passion) twice--the first time being during the 3/11/11 disaster.
7 Loves to make things: accessories, scrap-booking, collages, baking, smoothies...
8 Is a sucker for deals, sales, and sometimes, even coupons.
9 Aspires to read classic novels for personal enrichment.
10 Sings in the car--a lot. And loudly.
12 Is way [too] passionate about love.
13 Greatly values alone/free time.
14 Wants to become a translator/interpreter in future career. Studying began at 14.
15 Loves snacky foods like Japanese peanuts, wasabi peas, seaweed snacks, trail mix...
16 Has a HUGE chocolate love. (Dove, please!)
17 Grew up on Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc. BUT, will shoot zombies any day....
18 LOVES Zombie games, movies, shows, etc.
19 Is a yogi, mediocre runner, aspirational pilates chick.
20 Favorites drinks like coffee/lattes, wine, tea, and cocktails. :P (Despite health aspirations.)
21 Wants to learn Korean someday...and go there. And then to Paris, Rome, and China.
22 Loves a good movie, paired with popcorn/snacks, a big blanket, and maybe, a heating pad. :P
23 Has an earring fetish.
24 Changes her purse, and nails, all the time.
25 Has several goals to meet and several ongoing aspirations!