Fashion: Soft Pants?!

Soft Pants...What?!

How does one have 'soft pants'? When I first saw them myself, I wondered if they were like some type of Bohemian-styled pair of bottoms. But as I looked into the style  more, and seen them in several stores, I see that the style can be super cute if you do it right! Here are some places that you can get your 'soft pants':

Charlotte Russe 
(Where do we start?!)
Body Central  
(The third and fifth pairs are my fav!)
(Not all seen here, quite apply, but I know you can pick out the ones that do.
(These were just too cool.)

The best thing about these pants are that they can be paired with both simple and super stylish pieces. They are comfy, flattering, and have so many prints to choose from--I can't decide on which ones I want!  Also, you can put on either a pair of cute flats,  heels, or even tennies and it still works.

Take a look at the Pinterest page for cute outfits, trend examples, and inspiring make up tricks! I pinned several soft pant outfits just for this post!  (And because I really want a pair myself for spring...) Take a look and find out which ones you like best.

Ta-ta for now,