Nail Obsession: Past Palettes


As always, I am super obsessed with nails. I am sad to say, that I had to go completely naked (Nail Naked that is) for a whole day!  Ha, it's not that serious, but I was said. My nails are always taken care of. :)

So I decided to finally show some Nail Palettes (what I will call them from now on) that I have had in the past. My Palettes usually mean sparkle, embellishments, and not all the nails are always the same  color. I love to use colors from the same color family but of different tones. Jeannie Mai taught me that...I miss her by the way.
Take a look of what I've done in the past:

I love, love, loooove nail details! Can't you tell? Hopefully, I won't be too overwhelmed with my new job and my crazy hours to keep up on the them.
What kind of nail trends and palettes are you obsessed with? <3