Review: Kiss Me Heroine: Eye Makeup Remover

Danielle here bringing you an item I promised to review from this lovely post here: Japanese Beauty Haul
Today I'm going to talk about the Kiss Me Heroine Eye Makeup Remover. I purchased this while in Japan and used it a couple of times before I realized that it wasn't working as well as I thought it was or was going to. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it since leaving Japan and I recently dug it out from a box and tried it again.

Same results though.

Product Features

"Kiss Me Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover has an excellent removing power. You can thoroughly clean any eye makeup without rubbing the delicate eye-zones.

Apart from being an Eye Makeup Remover, it can also effectively moisturize the eye zones and eyelashes. With no irritation, it has no coloring and is of weak acidity."

"Take a proper amount with a cotton pad. Cover the eye area for several seconds and then gently wipe off. Wrap the eyelashes to remove mascara. Wipe along eyelines to remove eyeliners."

My Review:
Scent: N/A
Texture: Oily
Results: Residue of eye make left on the eye.
Price:  Price is unsure due to currency exchange rates, approx. price now: $13.00
Overall: I did have high hopes for this because it was a Japanese brand and it was one of the first things I bought. There are two parts to the remover, there's a part of water and part oil, basically shake it to activate it. There's always some type of  eyeliner residue left after using the product and washing my face, granted I did use waterproof, but there's oil in it to help remove that. In short when I used it I had to scrub the mascara off and wash my face at least two times. Too much scrubbing for me I'd wake up in the morning and my eyes would be hazy.

Bleh! No thanks!