Fashion: Work Place Coordinates Part 1

Hello and happy almost spring!

This spring, I've started yet another office job.  But, I don't think working in an office always means stuffy, boring clothes for the duration of your work week. If you have some wiggle room, thank goodness for business casual, then wiggle by all means! :D But if your office space is less wiggly and strict, then I am sorry. But you can still work with it! For me though...

I plan to show an outfit for each day of the work week as an example of the types of [girly] styles I wear to work--which I've been told is 'super cute'...We;ll, I try at least.
So, I guess I will 'show off' a little. I can just be a little high maintenance/too into the look for the day--I cant help it! Anyway, let's take a look. Here are the first two days:

A small pop of blue and some gold with basic black & grey.

A play with browns, golds, and cream!
First two days, down. Wednesday and Thursday soon to come. But what do you think,  too casual for an office assistant or at least kinda cute? Once spring is really here, I'll have more options. Ta-ta!