Lifestyle: Stress

Frankly speaking: I've been really stressed the past two weeks. I know we all deal with stress everyday i.e. work, relationship, school, peer pressure, body image etc. etc. We all complain, rant and talk about it but what about dealing with it and releasing the stress hm?

Stress if not handle quickly and efficiently, it can lead to medical, mental, and physical issues. Occasionally I get migraines that last for a week and sometimes I'm not able to function and my mood changes drastically.

Here are some of the things I do when I'm stressed:
  • Caffeine: I go straight for caffeine, depending on how stress I am I go for the big gun, aka a Red Bull, or if I am able to be at home I'd go for either Black or Green tea.
  • Funny Vids: Cute cats and puppies are my weakness, watching something cute and funny is an instant mood booster. Examples: Kitten trying to drink milk & Cat meowing underwater
  • Tumblr: The amount of crazy stuff that I see on there confuses, frightens, and sometimes leaves me on the floor dying from laughter.
  • Veg out: Too much thinking leads to more stress on the mind and body! Turn on the TV and channel surf.
  • Youtube: I follow a lot of vlogers via youtube and when I'm stressed I check out some of their new and old vids gives me inspiration for D&L.
  • Sleep: I love sleeping, if I could hibernate I totally would.
  • Video Games: I can play them for hours without thinking of the real world except for food & toilet breaks. Currently I'm playing Final Fantasy XIII & Civilization V.
  • Exercise: When my body is feeling somewhat ok, I do Yoga and simple crunches to help release tension on my body and mind.
  • Write: I may have mentioned that I'm a big writer, sometimes I like to lose myself in my writings.
  • Music: I drown myself in music. Ranging from Classical, Japanese Rock, to dub step.
  • Read: I have so many unfinished books that need to read and I keep buying them. Pick up one of those books you've been eyeing, get comfy and dive into the world of your book. I'm currently reading Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series.
  • Blog: Read or/and Write! Enough said!!
  • Hot Shower/bath: The warmth of the water washes away the stress and relaxes the muscles. Create a spa day for yourself
The final and important one:
  • Talk to Friends: It's always important to have some close friends to talk to, granted I don't always follow this, but I do have friends to talk to when I need them. Some type of support group is needed no matter what.

What are some ways you handle stress?