LeShea's Favorites

Whew, what a week...

Working full time is harder than it seems, people. Especially in a field that you had no prior knowledge of beforehand. Since I didn't want to leave today's post hangin', I wanted to make just a quick one for now.
So lately I've been obsessed with quite a few new things--things that acutally help me get through the long days. First, music,  I've been obsessing over TokiMonsta, Beyonce, Lindsay Sterling, Cash Cash, Childish Gambino, B.o.B. and anything  from Armada or ULTRA Music. It's funny how they are mostly different genres of music for the most part, but thats the kinda girl I am--all over the place. :D

Ah, the glory!
Right now, I'm also trying to get myself acquainted with toners, primers, and foundations. Pros say that if you don't supply yourself with the right "canvas", anything you "paint" on it just won't set quite right. I never thought about it like this until recently. So with so many beauty sales going on for spring, I've been purchasing STILLA Beauty Balms, ULTA Matte primers/foundations, and Mary Kay products.  I'm trying to get a better feel for STILLA products, though, but I'll be getting more soon.

Another fave? MASCARA! Since the CK ONE mascara I got in February, I have been on the hunt for awesome mascaras. I now have quite a few colors I plan to fully review soon. Brushes have been another fave--best one obtained recent;y would have to be my Mary Kay foundation brush and Up & Up Kabuki brush.

Lastly, I've been accessory CRAZY. This whole winter has been mostly make-up AND accessory purchases. (Maybe I'll do a post about accessorizing soon, yes?!) 

That's all for now--another long work day in the morning. Shea's exhausted. See you Thursday!