LeShea's Weekly Deal Finds Part 3

What is there this time around?

This isn't even half of it...
Boy, did I try to avoid it all. It's a bad time not to be able to shop and I'd gotten so used to it, too. --_--"  Danielle called me last weekend in a frenzy over new shops that opened up here in our small city: Nordstrom Rack, Saks 5th Ave, and a new ULTA just for starters. Apparently there will be more, but for now, I will focus on Nordstrom.

I never thought that good, really good make-up could be offered at decent prices. Stilla, Urban Decay, Lorac, Boots products,  NYX, and even Too Faced are gracing Nordstrom's shelves. I've been twice in the little week it has been open and I love what I see. Although I'm on a tight budget right now, there were some very tempting offers. Stilla eyeshadow pallets for $30 at most, $25/$20 at the least, Still lip gloss packs for about $15 (for four!), Urban Decay brushes for $9, Lorac double wand Mascara with primer $10, and Danielle's Boots Olive Oil body cream makes an appearance for just under $6. Really good stuff going on.

I didn't get to play amoung the racks (haha, racks) like I wanted to, but in due time. For now, I post this mini deal update just to offer some alternate considerations for you as you feed your designer/quality make up urges.

Have you considered discount designer stores to feed your addiction? You should now if you haven't yet.

See you later this weekend <3