Beauty: New Mascaras

Awhile back, I mentioned that I wanted to get into the colored mascara trend and play around with color more. Finally, a success! Green, turquoise, berry, and blue are some of the funky colors I've obtained--though I've only tried a couple so far. Here's the scoop:

                           Mascara one:
Of course, my very first one came from UTLA (go figure, right?) It was only a small tube on sale (no more than $2) and it was the perfect chance to try it. In Electric Blue, this little guy packed a lot of punch. The brush applicator is actually rather large for the little tube that it is in--which I love. It's easy to apply and flared my lashes out quite a bit.Super cool little thing, it is. I was scared it wouldn't  look right or rather tacky if I paired it with blue lids and nails but I loved it! Even my friends noticed that even my lashes were blue. 
 Mascara two:
Ready for red(ish)? I was really nervous about this color but it was on sale at Walgreens for $2.99! Maybelline's So Very Berry Great Lengths mascara is more of a deep than bright color. Unless you look close, you almost cannot tell that they are red (berry).  It actually takes quite a lot to get the product on your lashes, so that is kind of annoying. I like my lashes long and fanned. It could be the applicator itself since it's more narrow and thinner. I have this in Green Envy, but haven't tried it yet. 
Yep, they are red...

 Mascara three: 
It's in very black, but, it's super cool so I'll briefly review it. Again, it's a ULTA product (I don't mean to be biased,!) I picked up Twisted Volume in the very last week of the 21 Days of beauty sale (2/$10) and I LOVE IT! The wand twists similar to my CK ONE so now I have two twisty mascaras. I feel cool. :) Eventually, I'll post a Compare and Contrast of the two with maybe some pics as well. Actually, I use my Twisted Volume much more for daily flare simply because it's cheaper (and I can easily get another one over the CK One--my lux mascara). Long story short, though, it lives up to its name: long and lengthy lashes from a twisty and customizable wand! The product itself is thick, too, so every lash gets coated well.

You should try new types of mascara, too!