LeShea: Let's Talk Some Hair

Friday Morning,

I decided to try something new. I never really have time to do very much to my hair since I wake up very early to work out before I head off to the office. But today, I seemed to be able to do it all: workout, shower, glam-up, protein smoothie, AND the hair. Pretty good start to my crazy work day, I'll say.

I decided to go for a braid and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I ended up making a sort of fish-taily/messy braid without even trying to. I've seen these looks in Cosmo more recently but I really didn't think I'd ever be able to accomplish such a look. Lo and behold, I did. On complete accident. :p

To top it all off? Spring colors, gold, and teal embellishments. Ah, yes, I am ready to be girly, springy, and pleasant. 

Happy Spring