Make Up: Hand-Me-Downs

Make Up is always good--

Especially when it given to you by your big sis! 

Danielle always seems to give me things (thanks, Sis, really!)  She passes off some products and make up that she doesn't really favor or that's she's tried and didn't like. Win for me? Yes.  Here are some of the things she passed off to me. She's gotten various things from either IPSY or on her own splurges and I get to try her rejects. You'd think that would seem unfavorable, but not for me! And not for you! (You get a second opinion on various items, since you know, not everyone is going to like the same thing.)

I really had fun with some of things she gave me (I haven't even tried it all yet!) And whether she knew it or not, she helped me create a glowing Easter Day look. :) Even my grandmother and boyfriend noticed my different look!

Here's what she handed off to me:
Garnier BB Cream
No. 7 Matte Face Base 
City Color shadow in white gold

MICA Lip Stain
Elizabeth Mott Cream Shadow

I plan to give a full review later with pictures of the look I created. But for now, look into some of these brands (I can tell you now that I have never heard of MICA, Elizabeth Mott and City Color until now, not toooo bad.)

Have fun investigating! <3