Review: No7 Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue Review

As seen in this post and here, I'm finally doing a review on more of the products I picked up during my travels. This time, it's the No7 Rapid Spot Rescue.
During small breakout, I would occasionally pick up my toothpaste to dry out the little bugger overnight, but since picking up a few things in London I've fallen in love with No7's Rapid Spot rescue.

Product Features

Get results in just 2 hours with this Rapid Spot Rescue. Liquorice Root helps soothe the skin. The non-drying formula starts working immediately to visibly reduce blemish size and redness. Can be used over make-up. (Boots Website)

Danielle's Review

Name: No7 Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue
Type: Limited Beauty/Online

Price: $11.99 + tax (Real price unknown used a coupon
Results: The blemish is somewhat calmed down and not as irritated
Overall: I was quite surprised with this seeing how well this worked compared to Clean and Clear Persa-Gel with benzoyl peroxide spot treatment.
The Clean and Clear didn't do much for my blemish, but No7's product worked within the hour. I fell in love instantly. My blemishes are relaxed, and less angry, within two hours and I don't have this big honking- blatantly noticeable bump on my face that everyone is 'going' to stare at.

Recommended: Highly, but if you are unable to purchase there are definitely alternatives that you can reach for.

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